Self Evaporating Portable Air Conditioner: Less Mess!

If your old free standing air cooler is causing you a lot of stress, how much would a no-mess, no hassle self evaporating portable air conditioner cheer you up?

I have a feeling it would be a deal breaker!

Just imagine, no more having to lift up that heavy portable AC unit onto a wobbly coffee table to fiddle with the drain pipe to let that excess water out into a bucket.

No More Spilled Water

self evaporating portable air conditionerEven better would be no more missing the signal that the water tray was full and you spilled water all over the carpet when you decided to move the unit!

Well, all that stress, hassle and mess can be done away with when you choose to replace your old AC with a new, fully self evaporative air conditioning unit.

I guess I have your undivided attention right now. Especially if you have experienced the frustration and annoyance at having to periodically empty a portable AC drip tray.

You'll already know what I'm talking about here!

Why do Air Conditioners Drip Water?

First I'll briefly explain why you end up with a tray full of water that needs to be emptied every now and then.

All air conditioning equipment produces cold air along with hot air and moisture as part of the process that create the much needed cold air. With fixed AC units, the hot air and moisture are expelled outside through ducting or vents built into the units.

With portable units, that heat and moisture is evacuated out through the vent hose. The only problem is not all of the moisture makes it to the outside!


Some moisture remains inside the unit and condenses on cold pipes that carry the cold air out of the unit into your room to keep you cool. As moisture condenses, it forms drips that fall down thanks to gravity.

That's why portable AC units are also fitted with drip trays to catch the dripping water and stop it soaking the carpet or floor covering beneath the unit. When the drip tray fills up, it must be emptied manually, which is the job you hate to do!

What is A Self Evaporating Air Conditioner?

If you don't know what one of these devices is, I'll explain as simply as I can. After all, who needs to know all the scientific techy stuff aside from HVAC engineers, right?

Here we have what on the outside looks like an ordinary portable AC unit. The difference is on the inside.

Instead of allowing the moisture inside the unit to condense into drips, these units cleverly harness that moisture by collecting it and reusing it to increase the efficiency of the cooling mechanism. That makes it more cost-efficient to run.

Full Use is Made of the Vent Hose

After it has been reused, all of the now heated moisture is completely expelled through the unit's vent hose to the outside.

That way, none of the moisture stays inside the unit and therefore no tray is needed to catch what isn't there. That also means there's no tray for you to empty. Yay!

Why Don't All Portable Air Conditioners Self Evaporate?

In an ideal world, there would never be any need to empty drip trays because all AC units would get rid of all the moisture before it could condense inside them. Nobody would ever need to do that horrid tray-emptying chore ever again!

Unfortunately, this is not an ideal world and that means most AC units still have a much hated drip tray inside them!

A Few Dollars More

The reason why all AC units are not equipped with a self-evaporation system is cost. It costs more to include the system and that cost is passed on to the customer.

Some buyers of portable coolers don't mind spending a little more to get that extra feature. Others would rather save those extra dollars to spend on something else.

That's about all you really need to know about these clever mess-free coolers.

Summing Up

If you want to know more, here is a great resource with more information for those folks that like to know more details of how things work:

If what you have learned from this article is enough to convince you that spending a few more dollars to save the hassle is a good investment, you might want to visit my favorite online heating/cooling store Sylvane where the experts in this field sell the best models for a competitive price and with free shipping to anywhere on the mainland United States.

Thanks for reading!

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