Evaporative Coolers and their Benefits

There are plenty of people looking for a more economical and environmentally friendly alternative to air conditioning and evaporative coolers in dry climates fit in nicely with their needs.

As long as the humidity levels are low enough, these devices are perfect for keeping you cool on those hot summer days.

There are several benefits that are associated with these types of air coolers and we'll take a look at them in this article.

Economy First

evaporative coolersOne of the biggest advantages of using an evaporative (or swamp) cooler in place of air conditioning during the hot summer months is the much lower operating cost associated with this type of cooling device. In tests, researchers have found that they can operate using less then 1/10th the energy that a similar sized and cooling output air conditioner uses.

This can represent a huge saving when it comes time to pay the electricity bill at the end of the summer billing period. Not only that, but by using so much less energy to run, these devices are actually much kinder to the environment.

Environmentally Friendly

Here's the reason why that is: To produce electricity in the majority of our generating stations takes a lot of fuel, whatever the method being employed (coal, gas, nuclear etc). Burning fossil fuels produces al lot of air pollution and releases a lot of excess carbon dioxide (greenhouse gas) into the atmosphere.

Nuclear power stations are just dirty from the ground up. They are so unnecessary when we have the knowledge and technology to produce energy from renewable sources that do not pollute or come with a "danger" tag. Don't get me started on why we need to replace them all as soon as we can!

Sure, we are gradually building alternative power generating stations that use wind, sun or geothermic energy to generate electricity, but the ratio of these compared to traditional and nuclear stations is way too low to be beneficial just yet. Don't get me started on "other" energy sources that certain agencies know about but are not letting on about.

Returning to the thread of environmental friendliness, if we can use a cooling device that uses only 10% or less the energy of air conditioners, we should use them. That's because it means the generating stations need to generate less electricity and burn less polluting fuels.

Simple Works

Evaporative coolers work on a very simple principle copied from the way the human body keeps itself cool. When a person perspires and even the slightest breeze passes over the skin, that evaporating moisture cools the skin and helps the body regulate its temperature.

When you evaporate moisture held in warm air, it moves the heat energy to the water molecules in vapor, effectively cooling the air itself. Swamp coolers just do that on a bigger scale by passing forced warm air through a soaked membrane, thus chilling the air that is blasted out the front of the unit.

That's why if feels cooler in the breeze created by an evaporative cooler than that created by a regular fan.

Buying a Swamp Cooler

Some stores that sell these devices incorrectly promote them as air conditioners that are vent free, but they're not AC at all. As long as you can tell the difference between the two types of cooler, you'll be fine.

Just remember that swamp coolers will not work in humid conditions. So if you live in the south-east part of the United States, chances are these coolers will not work well enough for you. In that case, you're limited to AC.

But for those living I the dry mid-west, these coolers are perfect and will save you a lot of money while reducing the load on the energy companies during summer. Sure, it will mean they make less money, but don't feel sorry for them as they make quite enough from us as it is!

For further information, I recommend you visit: https://portableswampcoolers.com for a detailed explanation of how these coolers work and the applications that they're best suited for.

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